Real Power for the People of Wales!

Trevor Jones unveils the political programme of the Communists which favours a far greater devolution of powers from Brussels and London including areas of industrial relations, culture, health and education

YCL Activity Rekindled in the North-West

This weekend saw the first meeting of the YCL in the north-west successfully rekindling the revolutionary flame across the beleaguered heartlands of the industrial revolution. At the meeting in Liverpool the district decided upon its course of action; to grow and strengthen the movement by the combined activities of recruitment and education. Comrades also enjoyed […]

Launch of YCL Scotland Website

  Comrades, I am very pleased to see the launching of this website dedicated to reporting on the YCL in Scotland, our work, our news and our analysis of the current political situation as it unfolds and as it looks to develop. It has been a long time coming. We have gone from strength to […]

A Rallying Call to Young Communists in the North-West!

Comrades, The YCL North-West District will be holding a meeting in order to rekindle the flame of communist activity amongst the youth in the North-West of England. The YCL seeks to build on a strong history of communist activism towards a socialist goal in Britain and urges you commit to the struggle by attending this […]

Communist Party Political Committee Report 11/12/2013

International secretary John Foster told the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday 11/12/2013 that Nelson Mandela ‘lived as a freedom fighter and died a freedom fighter, knowing that the fight had to continue’. He recalled Mandela’s words to gaoled Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti that ‘our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians’. This […]

Ryan Boyle reports on standing for the YCL and CP in the recent Govan By-election

Looking back on the campaign, one of the first things that surprised me was the level of collective effort required to make any kind of impact. The introductory leaflets, election addresses, the campaigning strategies, the public meetings, etc. all of these things had to be grounded out and acted upon at an early stage to […]