The Young Communist League has released the following statement in response to the Government’s Chequers Agreement.

The Young Communist League of Britain celebrates the recent second anniversary of the vote to leave the European Union and the exercise in sovereignty and popular democracy which the British working class successfully carried out in 2016.

Across the communist movement, the EU is recognised to be an undemocratic and increasingly expansionist representative of neo-liberal capitalism, seeking to depress wages and open up public services to the forces of ‘free competition’ and the market. The most recent and pertinent example of this trend is the attempt to force through reforms to the national railway operator in France (SNCF), a move condemned by communist trade unionists in that country as the first concrete step towards a private railway network.

It is for these reasons, and many more, that the YCL maintains an uncompromising commitment to leaving the EU and the single market, for the full reinstatement of parliamentary sovereignty and for a truly democratic control over the economy.

In this light, the YCL has reiterated that the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations must be approved by Parliament, in line with the interests of the British people.

Nevertheless, Britain’s young communists reassert that leaving the EU, as an isolated measure, is no panacea and just a very small step towards achieving socialism within our lifetimes.

The popular Brexit process should not be seen as a carte blanche for the Tory government to roll back the protections of the state. In any case, it must be stated that once British law has been brought back under the full sovereignty of parliament, it will be up to the people to vote for a progressive government (Labour or otherwise) which shall be able to implement a radical programme away from the budgetary constraints and neoliberal dictums of the European Union.

Much has been made of the supposed potential losses of workers’ rights during the Brexit process, fully ignoring the role of unions and activism in Britain in achieving our hard-earned rights. After all, social gains have never been, and will never be, instigated by the neoliberal right, but by the working class. It is the job of trade unionists and communists to have fought to win our rights, and it is the job of trade unionists and communists to protect our rights in terms of welfare, and win more social protections.

Finally, the YCL hopes that Brexit may pave the way for a full withdrawal from NATO, in the spirit of popular democracy and sovereignty of the peoples.

For Peace and Socialism!
For a People’s Brexit!
For Popular Democracy!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

15 July 2018
London, Britain