Statement from the Young Communist League on the military intervention in Syria.  


The Young Communist League, as a representative of Britain’s revolutionary youth, firmly rejects the latest imperialist attack in the Middle East ordered by Prime Minister Theresa May, without the mandate of Parliament.

Since the so called “Arab Spring”, US and British imperialism, alongside Israel, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have been at the forefront of spreading these ‘protests’, and using them as vehicles by which to destabilise the Middle East and remove governments deemed contrary to Western interests.

In Libya, NATO was complicit in actively supporting terrorist groups related to Al Qaeda. And since their mercenary fighters were incapable of defeating the Libyan army, NATO created a no-fly zone in order to bomb the Libyan army and destroy all resistance to the so-called “rebels”. We should not forget that it is now these ‘rebels’ and terrorists who have made Libya into a war-torn country under the clutches of extremist Islamism, where human slave markets are now a reality.

After Libya, NATO turned its eyes east to Syria. The first protests in Syria were small in number and in isolated locations. As predicted by the international communist movement, imperialism’s interests lay in destabilising the Syrian nation, and the US and its allies, including Britain, have since set about the task of overthrowing the Syrian government.

Even though many countries have directly and indirectly backed the very same terrorist groups in Syria that they claim to fight at home, ISIS and other terrorist groups have not managed to overthrow the Syrian Government.

In this context, the YCL warns against a possible further intervention in Syria from the US, Britain and other NATO countries, in response to alleged chemical attacks. These allegations come after a series of defeats for the terrorists. The Syrian government has been regaining territory and such an attack would do little but provoke the condemnation of the West and justify an armed intervention. Furthermore, between 2013 and 2014, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons verified that the destruction of all the chemical weapons in Syria had taken place.

Let us not forget that our governments have lied before to justify interventions, as with Iraq and Libya. So why would they not lie about Syria, when they have already tried by all means possible to overthrow Syria’s Government?

The YCL calls on the British Government to stop military intervention in Syria and to cease all sales of weapons to countries such as Saudi Arabia, which are financing terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere.

We have seen it all before. War for profit, murder and distraction from the real issues in the world and Britain. Remove this corrupt Tory Government – build a Britain that provides jobs, not bombs!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League
14th April 2018
London, Britain