The revelations surrounding David Cameron’s tax-haven revenue scandal is certainly shocking. He should be doubly condemned for his own hypocrisy on the subject. It is, however, absolutely no surprise to the YCL to see the lead representative of the Capitalist class acting in such a manner.

Forces across the left and beyond have raised their voices during the last two weeks in calling for the Prime Minister to resign. His leadership does indeed seem shaky and it is always good to see the Tory Party look unsteady. However, there are several more heads of the same beast lining up to take his place.

In the past, Cameron has presided over some shocking imperialist abuses. Yet where was the outrage of the left then? When Libya was bombed into the Dark Ages was the ‘moderate’ left attacking Cameron non-stop for two whole weeks? No. It has always been the historical role of the British centre-left to support social democracy at home and imperialism abroad and it continues to be so now. Hence, it is why only when Cameron is exposed cheating the purse of the British public is he vilified. When ordering bombs to be dropped on Libyan citizens and a sovereign government he’s by-and-large let off the hook.

The YCL condemns such hypocrisy that is prominent in the ‘moderate’ British left and asserts that now is a critical juncture in which we must support the Labour Party. Corbyn’s leadership and the ascension of the left opens up serious possibilities to develop class consciousness and spread understanding of and resistance to the imperialist system. Corbyn’s leadership must be supported and Young Communists should be actively making the case within the left for something that goes far beyond calling for the Prime Minister to resign when a convenient juncture occurs; as we have always done: we call for an end to imperialism and an end to the capitalist class.

Onwards to socialism!

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