The World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces the continuous attack on Gaza. That resulted in dozens of martyrs, hundreds of wounded and massive destruction. The Israeli forces launched, in two days, hundreds of missiles under the approval and silence of the imperialist powers. The same ones that agreed on 66 years of occupation, and signed the death of thousands. That support the Zionist occupation, the spread of settlements, the displacement of thousands of Palestinians, and the brutality of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

However, with the brutality of occupation comes the strength of peoples. Comes unity and resistance.

As well as, the conformation on the resistance path against occupation. The World Federation of Democratic Youth stand beside the youth and peoples of Palestine, in their steadfastness and unity against the Israeli occupation and attacks. As well as, call for the end of the current attack on Gaza. We stand by the strength of resistance, from Palestine to all the anti- imperialist youth and peoples’ of the world.Similar to the way WFDY fought, since its foundation until today, alongside its member organizations, against imperialism and its destructive nature. We will continue on the path of liberation from imperialism, besides the anti-imperialist youth of the world.

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