Communist Party Scotland Statement on Scottish Independence

From Communist Party Scottish Executive Committee 4th March 2014. As agreed by Communist Party Scottish Committee. The Scottish Committee of the CPB defends the right of nations to self-determination and condemns the Coalition government for its threats of non-cooperation.  If a majority of the Scottish people vote for independence in the 2014 referendum, then their […]

Communist Party Executive Committee Report: ‘Tories boost profits and poverty’

Speaking at the Communist Party executive committee at the weekend, vice chair Liz Payne accused the Tories of representing the interests of ever fewer big business corporations. She said they were the ‘bought and paid for creatures’ of the City of London’s financial institutions which control key enterprises and sectors of the British economy. ‘Chancellor Osborne […]

Student Protests at Birmingham University

The YCL expresses solidarity and support to those students in Birmingham & putting themselves at the forefront of the struggle against the cuts & attempts at ever increasing privatisation of our education system. The YCL condemns the deep impact which this government’s ideologically motivated austerity is having upon our education system particularly university, college and […]

Communist Party General Secretary Rebukes Scapegoating Tactics of Politicians & Mass Media

Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths spoke out on BBC Radio Cymru yesterday against the use of ‘scapegoats’ by politicians and the mass media. } He criticised attacks on the unemployed, long-term sick, disabled and immigrant workers which falsely hold them responsible for unemployment, the public spending deficit, hospital waiting lists and Britain’s chronic housing […]

Communist Party Political Committee Report 22/01/2014

Communist Party vice chair Liz Payne accused the the Liberal Democrats of ‘sinking in a swamp of opportunism’ at her party’s political committee on Wednesday. / ‘They no longer defend civil liberties and they certainly don’t stand up for the rights of women in public life’, declared Ms Payne, who is also CP national women’s […]

On this day . . . 1929: Scottish NUWM Contingent Sets Off For London

The “On This Day” series is slowly but surely building up and  forming an interesting and diverse collection articles. This latest contribution is from our YCL General Secretary Zoe Hennessy and seeks to draw from the lessons of the National Unemployed Workers Movement (NUWM) in the interwar period. 85 years ago; on the morning of Wednesday, […]

A Mixed Year for the Left in Britain

Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths looks at the highs and lows of the past year in politics. This article first appeared as a feature in the Morning Star 24/12/2013 Where stand Britain’s political parties at the close of 2013 and into the new year? The Tories should be feeling relieved and pleased. Technically, the economy has grown […]