YCL at the General Assembly of WFDY

In mid-November 2015, the Young Communist League of Britain had the pleasure of attending the General Assembly of WFDY (the World Federation of Democratic Youth), the international federation for progressive, anti-imperialist and democratic youth groups, in Havana, Cuba.

International Women’s Day 2015

Today (March 8) marks International Women’s Day, Zoe Hennessy General Secretary of the YCL has issued this statement on behalf of the YCL Executive Committee. It is a time to reflect on and celebrate the past and current contribution of women to the struggle for socialism and equality, and look forwards to the struggles of […]

Challenge: Latest Issue

Challenge : January 2015 [January 2015; Volume 21; Issue 37] £1.50 + £1 P&P Challenge is the quarterly journal of the YCL – it regularly contains articles covering all the latest news and views of the YCL, developments international, articles covering important historical developments, culture, different campaigns and struggles taking place in Britain and the rest of the […]

“Undue Provocation”: Fidel Castro on Ukraine and Palestine

Cuba, which has always expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people, cannot stand by without condemning the undue news of a Malaysia Airlines plane being shot down in mid-flight over Ukrainian territory, in the zone under control of the war-mongering Petro Poroshenko government, states the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Voices for the Miami 5

The Young Communist League and the Communist Party are supporting a major new online campaign for the Miami Five and are asking comrades, supporters of Cuban socialism and all those who believe in justice to add your voice of support to it. This Campaign has been established to build and mobilise support for the Miami […]

CP General Secretary Robert Griffths – “Socialism Does Work” at Oxford Union

Video of Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths recently speaking at the Oxford Union Debating Society arguing the case that socialism DOES work. The CP General Secretary demonstrates how proud we as communists should be of the legacy and the great achievements of the Soviet Union, and how the USSR along with the countries on the socialist […]

On this day . . . 1956: The Granma reaches Cuba

This is the first article in the new YCL history series “On this day”. The series will focus on giving an analysis of important, and indeed interesting, historical events of the distant and near past. The aim is to promote discussion, draw lessons from the past and give a Marxist analysis of history as opposed […]