The Young Communist League’s new Executive Committee met for the first time over the weekend since the last Congress. Elected to the EC in December at our 47th Congress were Laura-Jane Rossington, Julian Jones, Ryan Boyle, Robin Talbot, Calum Baird, Daragh O’Neil, Johnnie Hunter, Daoud Hamdani, Owain Holland and Zoe Hennessy.

The Executive met in the Communist Party’s Glasgow Office on Saturday. Zoe Hennessy was elected as General Secretary, Owain Holland as Chair and Julian Jones was elected as Treasurer of the YCL.

Comrades assumed the following roles as officers on the Executive Committee: Laura-Jane Rossington was elected as Women’s Officer, Daragh O’Neill as Student Officer, Ryan Boyle as Industrial Officer, Calum Baird as Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer, Owain Holland as Marxist-Leninist Education Officer, Robin Talbot as Communications Officer, Johnnie Hunter as Challenge Editor and Julian Jones as International Secretary.

Prior to and during the meeting, Executive Committee comrades spent much time analysing the resolutions passed by Congress to identify the aims and policies the membership has set for the League to pursue over the next few years.

The new Executive has set itself the task of putting the YCL on a stronger organisational footing over the next couple of months until it next meets in March so as to be best prepared for a period of enhanced struggle, growth and activity during 2015.

A priority is to be placed on recruitment, cadre development and Marxist education, as well as supporting and developing new YCL branches across Britain.

The political priorities identified were a need to strengthen the industrial base of the YCL and carry forward policies among our cadres to strengthen the union movement in 2015. The executive also set as a priority expanding YCL activity and presence at universities and colleges to carry forward the struggle for free, comprehensive, secular and progressive education.

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