Statement from YCL North West on the defeat of the BNP in the European elections.

Voters across Britain are celebrating the defeat of Nazi BNP leader Nick Griffin in the aftermath of the European elections this week. Nick Griffin was elected as MEP for the north west of England in 2009 using the position to fund his sordid little party. An MEP can bring in millions of pounds worth of funding for a political party.

Anti-fascists were camped outside Manchester Town Hall and waited several hours before Griffin finally turned up under the cover of darkness. The BNP’s fanbase failed to materialise in the counter-protest they had promised against the anti-fascists. A fitting prelude to their electoral defeat.

When the Fascist leader finally reared his head he was surrounded and attacked by a crowd of protesters and with only a paltry bodyguard he was forced to rely on the police force to safely escort him within the townhall under a barrage of missiles.

The YCL celebrates the complete electoral defeat of the BNP although like the head of a hydra their racism has manifested itself anew in several other far-right groups, most notably UKIP who have gained considerable electoral support, and extremists Britain First. We acknowledge the ongoing work that is needed to prevent the current situation from becoming another 1930’s Germany.

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