Statement from YCL North-West on enforced jingoism in Bolton’s Schools

Motivated by a desire to regain votes lost to UKIP, Bolton Tory Mudasir Dean succesfully passed a motion to request that schools in Bolton fly the Union Jack and sing God Save the Queen on a daily basis. Mudasir will be up against his ex-colleague a defector to UKIP.

Mudasir stated that symbols of national pride such as the Union Jack need to be taken back from out of the hands of the far-right when it is clear the true motivation behind the move is to curry favour with far-right opinion.

The Young Communists in the north-west condemn this attempt to pander to the far-right but remember that the Tories were always the party of racists and imperialists. The YCL would like to point out that towns like Bolton have a proud history of radical working class struggle and would be better off raising the Red Flag rather than the Butcher’s Apron.

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