Support the Women’s Assembly Against Austerity!

Anita Wright, Secretary of the National Assembly of Women and Communist Party Executive Committee, member calls for women to attend the Women’s Assembly Against Austerity in this article from the Morning Star. The YCL welcomes this initiative as ruling class austerity is hitting women, and even more especially young women, particularly hard. Cuts in legal […]

Communist Party Political Committee Report 22/01/2014

Communist Party vice chair Liz Payne accused the the Liberal Democrats of ‘sinking in a swamp of opportunism’ at her party’s political committee on Wednesday. / ‘They no longer defend civil liberties and they certainly don’t stand up for the rights of women in public life’, declared Ms Payne, who is also CP national women’s […]

YCL statement on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Today (25th of Nov) marks the international day for the elimination of violence against women. Violence in all its forms is something that effects women (and often their dependents) of all races and backgrounds across the globe. Up to 70% of women experience violence in their lifetime, according to research conducted by the UN. They […]