The Central Committee of the Young Communist League has released a statement to mark International Workers Day 2022:

On International Workers’ Day, 2022, the Young Communist League extends its greetings and solidarity to all workers around the world and all comrades fighting in the vanguard detachments of the class as communists.

The First of May is a celebration of the unfinished but unrelenting struggle undertaken by the working class for a dignified life in a world free from exploitation, inequality and oppression.

After a global pandemic in which young workers were routinely thrust into unsafe working conditions or cast aside by their bosses to save profits, we now find ourselves in the midst of the supposed “cost-of-living crisis” in which the value of our wages is being rapidly outstripped by sudden increases in the cost of heating, electricity, even food.

This system isn’t simply unjust, it is irrational. Where is the sense in any of us going hungry when every day we produce more than enough food to feed the world?

The technology exists to provide free heat and power to everyone; the infrastructure exist to provide first class education, transport, housing and healthcare for every living person. Yet instead we live in a world where our vast resources are pooled into the hands of an ever shrinking elite which they frivolously waste on pathetic vanity projects.

Our planet burns and slides ever closer to disaster and becoming unable to sustain human life and the solution of the billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk is to abandon the world that their class has poisoned for another planet, leaving the billions on it to their fate. Billions of people like us.

We must tip the balance and take back what is ours. We must free the world from the kleptocracy that capitalism inevitably creates. Our task is clear – we must make the rich pay.

The problems we face in society do not come from thin air, and we know what the cause is. Capitalism is the virus. Capitalism is the source of poverty and war, and it’s only direction is extinction.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. We workers hold the true power in our society. We hold our own future and the future of all humanity in our own hands. With the scientific framework of Marxism Leninism as our guide we will continue learning through struggle, and we will continue to fight until we win.

International Workers’ Day is our global celebration of the struggle of working people everywhere for a world they truly control — a world under socialism. We remember proudly all those who lived and died for that dream, who built the movement we inherit today.

It is an honour to take up our place in the struggle for socialism — which today is fast becoming a fight for the survival of our planet and our species. On the First of May we vow to our comrades and our class to face this challenge and our duty to fight without taking one step back.

The Central Committee of the Young Communist League calls on all young workers and students to join our ranks. We do not have much time left. To save our planet, our class and our future, we must throw ourselves into the struggle and fight with all we have — until the final victory.

Long live Marxism Leninism!
Long Live International Worker’s Day!
Long Live the Young Communist League!

Central Committee
Young Communist League

1 May 2022
London, Britain