This morning the World Federation of Democratic Youth alerted the world of the arrest of the first secretary of the Ukrainian Komsomol – Mikhail Kononovich. His brother Aleksander Kononovich has also been arrested. Both brothers have been accused of spying for the Russian and Belarussian intelligence services, and we are concerned for their safety.

This outrage is only the latest in a history of brutal repressions manifested against communists by the reactionary Ukrainian government. These attacks represent an affront to democratic norms and only distance the possibility of a true democratic resolution to the conflict.

We denounce the persecution of peaceful and progressive forces in Ukraine and Russia.

We are requesting:

– That our comrades are allowed to immediately confirm their situation with the World Federation of Democratic Youth. Being held incommunicado is a breach of their human rights, being tantamount to cruel and inhumane punishment in the European Convention of Human Rights.

– Fast release of the two comrades in question.

– An apology to their families printed in the press.

– An end to the political repression against the Komsomol and Communist Party of Ukraine.

Central Committee
Young Communist League

7 March 2022
London, Britain

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