Dear comrade/friend,

Lebanon is in dire need of your help after the tragic events on Tuesday 4 August that devastated Beirut.

The explosion left at least 158 dead, 6,000 injured and 300,000 people homeless according to the BBC.

Meanwhile, Lebanon has been experiencing a severe economic crisis, with over 50,000 people protesting against the Government on Saturday 8 August.

We are asking for donations to fund relief, rescue and rebuilding work as well as support for affected and impoverished people by the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth (ULDY), our sister progressive youth organisation and member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth in Lebanon.

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Our comrades in the ULDY have been on the front line of the disaster:

• Carrying out search and rescue activities,
• Clearing and repairing roads and other infrastructure,
• Restoring people’s homes,
• Transporting injured people,
• Donating blood,
• And giving affected and other impoverished people, affected by the worsening economic situation, food and a roof over their heads.

But they cannot do this alone and without funding, so we are asking you to make a donation to support this essential aid work by the Lebanese youth.

What will your donation mean to the ULDY and the people of Beirut?
Your donation will go towards food, medicine, equipment such as shovels and workwear, and other essential items whose costs are skyrocketing due to the economic decline and black market speculation.

For example, approximately £25 will feed a poor family for 2 weeks.


Adnan Al Mokdad, president of the ULDY and vice president of WFDY:

“After the blast, we sent our comrades in 4 ambulance teams, and 6 other teams who looked for and rescued people, cleared the roads, transported the injured and communicated the whereabouts of people to the Red Cross.

“More than 600 of our members from all over Lebanon have come to the affected area in Beirut to help people. We are organising blood drives and accommodation for people who have lost their homes, as well as others who are suffering from the economic decline, including 25 Sudanese workers who lost their jobs and homes.

“We are political, of course. The Government has not sent anyone to the site of the blast, or done anything to stop the black market speculation. We believe that Lebanon needs to change its imperialist system, otherwise the nation will collapse.

“90% of our people are poor. At the port, 50% of all buildings were destroyed. Our message is we need to help the poor people of Lebanon now!”

Read our full interview with Adnan in the Morning Star here.


We are closing our appeal and withdrawing the total raised at 2pm on Sunday 16 August. The total will then be transferred to the ULDY via Western Union.

We will provide updates about how our donations are used as well as information about the relief work by the ULDY and WFDY and the situation in Beirut.

Please donate and share our appeal TODAY so that we can reach our target of £1,000 for our comrades’ essential relief work by this Sunday!

Thank you,

Robin Talbot
Chair and International Officer
Young Communist League of Britain

Ewan Simpson
Member of the International Commission
Young Communist League of Britain

PS. Please share with your friends and comrades, and remember to donate BEFORE Sunday 16 August!

Click here to download our A4 poster for fundraising in your local area.

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