The Executive Committee of the Young Communist League has released the following statement to mark International Workers Day 2020.

The Young Communist League sends comradely greetings to the workers and youth of the world on May Day 2020!

International Workers’ Day is a day born out of the struggle against the capitalist class. It is a day when workers of the world join together to celebrate our struggle. We come together to remember the achievements of the working class. The eight hour working day, an end to child labour, trade union rights – these are but a few and there is still a lot more to fight for. The past we inherit – the future we build!

Change happens when working people join together collectively, and the same is true today. Working people have never been gifted our gains, we have had to fight for them and today we remember the sacrifices those who have gave their all in the fight for Socialism. They should never be forgotten.

We remember the dead, but more importantly we fight for the living.

We are at a crucial point in our struggle.

The crisis of Covid-19 has further shown how capitalism does not benefit the working class; it has shown how it will trade workers’ lives for profit. In Britain hundreds of men and women are dying needlessly at work. They are dying at the hands of a cold hearted and callous Tory government which has failed on all fronts to protect working people.

Socialist countries continue to show why we need a planned economy with the working class at its very heart. Socialist countries across the world are leading the way in healthcare and protection against Covid-19.

In the aftermath of Covid-19 the focus will be on rebuilding the economy, it will not be on rebuilding the lives of workers ruined by the ineptitude of the political class in this country.

The government and employers cannot be allowed to abdicate their responsibilities.

Working people will not bear the burden of economic recovery with more austerity. Nurses do not need medals, they need a wage rise. Carers do not need a badge, they need a wage rise and trade unions. Posties need the Royal Mail to stop attacking their terms and conditions. Bin men must stop bearing the brunt of local authority cuts. Cleaners need to stop being subjected to chronic low pay and dangerous conditions. Key workers are the back bone of this country – yet it is them who will pay the price.

We need strong trade unions, a strong Communist Party and a strong YCL to defend and empower the working class.

Today’s struggle is waged in difficult circumstances, against tall odds, with limited time to save humanity. Socialism is not simply desirable, or an improvement on capitalism, it is essential for the future of our generation and humanity. It’s time is now.

To the people of Britain we say:

Protection, testing and fair pay now!

Make the rich pay for COVID-19!

To the youth of Britain we say:

Join the struggle for peace and Socialism in our lifetime!

Lenin! Party! YCL!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

1 May 2020
London, Britain