The YCL is joining the Communist Party’s campaign for a People’s Boycott of the European parliament elections, called for 23 May.

Holding these elections is the latest cynical and anti-democratic move taken by Britain’s Establishment to overturn the result of the 2016 Referendum, which was the decision of 17.4 million people to get out of the free market, anti-working class European Union.

Once again, the capitalist class across Britain and the EU is trying to dupe, bully and frighten people into accepting this reactionary institution that they have already blatantly rejected.

The YCL is for real democracy, popular sovereignty and socialism in Britain, all three of which will never be possible so long as we remain part of the big business EU.

Support the People’s Boycott!

Send the clearest possible message to the British ruling class, its politicians and their counterparts in the EU that we reject the legitimacy of these elections taking place in Britain.

Stand with the more than half of all voters who already ignore these fake elections, numbers that are sure to increase in protest at the delay and attempted sabotage of Brexit.

Reject the platforms on which all the significant parties are standing.

Reject the Brexit Party’s nationalism and pro-austerity anti-trade union candidates, and reject the semi-Brexit, second referendum or close alignment to the EU with or without Brexit platform of the Labour Party, most of whose candidates are right-wing and pro-EU.

Reject the anti-Brexit Lib Dems, Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru, the racist and anti-Muslim policies of UKIP and the Tories’ pro-big business semi-Brexit.

YCL Boycott Poster A3

Mobilise in your local area!

We are calling on all branches and members to make this national campaign a success, whether that means publicising the People’s Boycott at your usual public street stalls or meetings, putting up posters or going leafleting door to door and talking to people about the campaign.

Make sure that you share photos, videos and other posts on social media with the hashtags #PeoplesBoycott and #EUelections2019, making everything you do part of the YCL’s national social media campaign in support of a People’s Boycott.

Time’s up – leave the European Union!

Boycott the EU Elections!

Executive Committee

Young Communist League of Britain