Statement of the Executive Committee of the Young Communist League on today’s School Strike against climate change.

The YCL salutes the youth of Britain, including our own members, and the young people around the world participating in today’s School Strike.

This protest should serve as an inspiration to spur us on to greater action and resistance.

There is no denying the facts any longer, the planet is warming. Destructive and catastrophic weather events are increasing in frequency and severity. The world stands on a tipping point. Unless there is fundamental change now, the world as we understand it, will cease to exist.

During today’s School Strike there have been many banners and slogans, some serious, some humorous. The time for sloganeering however, is over. The youth of Britain and all the young people across the world out today demand that our world leaders act now to make a stand against climate change.

The YCL and the international Communist movement go further. We recognise that what is required is a systematic shift in our society.

We must make a break with capitalism which is destroying the planet. Capitalism has proven itself unwilling and unable to save our planet.

Climate change is a class issue. The world’s richest 10% account for 50% of fossil fuel emissions, with the poorest 50% accounting for just 10%. Just 100 companies have accounted for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. Unless we change, the human story will end almost as soon as it started on a poisoned earth.

It is the duty of socialists to bring the environmental movement, inspiringly led by so many young people today, and the labour movement together. If we fail in this task, then the environmental movement will be incapable of bringing about the systemic change the planet needs. Similarly if the labour movement continues to ignore the issue it will continue to lose touch with the youth of our class.

Time for our planet is running out. Our enemy is strong. However we know that the power of working people is insurmountable. It is up to the youth to lead this fight.

We demand a future!

The only future there can be is socialist!

Executive Committee

Young Communist League

London, Britain

15 March 2018