On Saturday 20 October the Young Communist League mobilised its branches, members, friends and allies to participate in the YCL’s first National Foodbank Collection. The largest collections took place in Cornwall, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

Food poverty in Britain in 2018

Statistics from the Trussell Trust, the nationwide charity coordinating foodbanks, show that since 2010 the number of emergency three day food supplies provided by foodbanks in Britain has increased from just over 40,898 to 1,332,952 in 2018 – an increase of 3,275%.

Approximately 666,476 people have used foodbanks in the year 2017 -2018. The real figure could be far higher.

The reality behind these statistics is sickening – working people in one of the richest countries on the planet are unable to feed themselves. It is a damning indictment of the inhumane capitalist system. This increase is the direct result of the austerity policies of successive Conservative Governments.

Workers must fight to remove this anti-worker government. But we also need to come together to help the most vulnerable working people made to suffer in the interests of big business and finance capital.

Our aim

Communists don’t believe in charity. Working people deserve more than the crumbs off the table.

This was a political act. It was intended to draw attention to the cruel impact of Tory austerity in the working class communities that we live in. It was a practical example of working class solidarity and a demonstration of unity in the face of this Government.

Equally importantly, it will provide some small relief to those facing dire poverty as we approach winter.

What we achieved

Visible collections were held in many of Britain’s largest cities. In addition to this smaller collections organised by collectives and individual comrades took place in smaller towns and villages. We are under no illusion that our efforts today were modest and even more so when measured against the scale of food poverty in Britain.

The generous contributions made today up and down the country are testament to the spirit of Britain’s working class. We completely reject the cynical conclusion that “human beings are fundamentally selfish”. Despite the efforts of the capitalist system isolate and break down working people, we remain social and compassionate. Working class solidarity can overcome divisions of race and religion – and any obstacle.

Our aim is to build on today’s collection in our daily struggles and tie it to our broader struggle to remove this anti-worker government.

For peace, jobs and socialism in our lifetime!

Executive Committee

Young Communist League

20 October 2018