70 years are completed today after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The World Federation of Democratic Youth has had a constant position about the usage of such nuclear weapons.

During the end of World War II, a nuclear bomb was launched by the United States of America to cause the death and suffering of thousands of peoples in Japan, and further the side effects of this bombing were spread in the area for a long time period. Today, after the passing of 70 years, such nuclear capability is possessed by several powers.

After 70 years, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, together with its member organizations, are highlighting this memory, to state firstly the danger that comes out by the usage of this kind of weapons, and secondly the necessity of the world to abolish nuclear weapons.

Owning this kind of weapon is not only a threat to mankind in the form we know, that places the owner in a blackmailing position against other countries at any moment. But also is the unfair possession of highly developed weapons that may end life in a second, finishing the hopes, the wills, and fights of peoples.

This year WFDY is calling again for peace, is calling the youth to fight for peace and for a world where the people will be the real masters in their places and they will be able to develop and use their scientific capabilities without any threat of destruction. We call on the youth of the world to keep their future away from the dangerous paths of imperialism, and to remember the consequences of wars, to remember that within wars there is a usage of such nuclear weapons that can threaten and destroy the whole future of humanity. For WFDY the fight against imperialism will never end and the anti-imperialist youth must stay united forward for a lasting peace.


(Statement from WFDY HQ.)

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