The YCL extends solidarity and red greetings to all the  delegates attending the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students in Quito, Ecuador 7th-13th of December 2013.

We hope the British delegates  have arrived safely and wish them the very best of luck. The festival will draw in over 15’000 progressive young people from over 100 countries who are engaged in various ways in the struggle against imperialism and for peace in our lifetime.

The festival will see an interchange of not only solidarity but of ideas and tactics between international comrades. This will aid and inform our struggle here in Britain immeasurably and we hope that some of the experiences of the British working class movement will be passed on to sister organisations of WFDY.

The festival shows us that a world based on peace and solidarity  is possible. It is of undoubted value in the struggle for peace, jobs and socialism in our lifetime.

We call echo the call to strengthen the anti-imperialist struggle, for a world of peace solidarity and revolutionary social transformation!