London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid

With the sad passing of the great Mandela it is up to the left and anti-imperialist forces to remember him as the militant freedom fighter he was, and prevent the media and right-wing politicians from white washing history. In Britain we hear the Tories talk as though Mandela was a great friend and inspiration of […]

Communist Party Political Committee Report 11/12/2013

International secretary John Foster told the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday 11/12/2013 that Nelson Mandela ‘lived as a freedom fighter and died a freedom fighter, knowing that the fight had to continue’. He recalled Mandela’s words to gaoled Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti that ‘our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians’. This […]

YCLSA and SACP statements on death of Nelson Mandela

The YCL in Britain expresses great sadness at the death of Nelson Mandela. Below are statements from our sister young communist league in South Africa and our fraternal party the South African Communist Party. YCLSA Statement on the Passing on of Tata Nelson Mandela