YCL Statement in solidarity with the peoples of Western Sahara

The Young Communist League has issued a statement in solidarity of the peoples of Western Sahara. With Trump’s presidency coming to an end, the reactionary elements in the US and Arab world have sought to cement a circumstance of chaos and division. The two-prongs of Trump’s new deal with Morocco is not only a direct […]

Youth in Survival Against Pandemic and Capitalism: SOCIALISM OR BARBARISM

20 European Communist Youth Organizations have gathered on the 103rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution at the “Online Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations to Share Experiences” and exchanged their experiences about the struggle of the youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, working people all around the world […]

Common Announcement in Solidarity with the youth and the people of the USA

Common Announcement the Communist, Progressive and Anti-imperialist Youth organisations of the world The Communist, progressive and Anti-imperialist Youth Organisations, that sign this common announcement, we condemn the most recent criminal acts in the USA,  the brutal murder of  Afro-American George Floyd, by the police, and the violent repression and attempted criminalisation of  the struggles against […]