Morning Star

The Morning Star is the world’s only English-language socialist daily paper, having reported on and contributed to the struggle for peace and socialism through government bans, Nazi bombs and legal sabotage almost without interruption since it was first published as the Communist Party’s Daily Worker in 1930.
The YCL has supported the Star since its inception, with young communists forming the core of the pre-dawn grassroots network that made sure the paper got around Britain in the 1930s despite being boycotted by the wholesalers that transported the capitalist press from Fleet Street.
In 1945 the Communist Party gave up formal control of the Daily Worker to the People’s Press Printing Society, a readers’ co-operative now supported by a number of trade unions and thousands of workers across Britain.
It features contributions from across the left and trade union movement while it remains editorially committed to the Communist Party programme Britain’s Road to Socialism. YCLers continue to support the Star to this day, selling it on demonstrations, street stalls and at other progressive and trade union events alongside our own magazine Challenge.
You can buy the Morning Star at all good newsagents or buy an electronic edition from the paper’s