One of the priorities of the Young Communist League has been to deliver a real People’s Brexit, a complete break with the free market, anti-working class European Union.

In June 2016, 17.4 million working people voted to Leave the EU in June 2016 as a result of discontent with the European Union’s anti-democratic and anti-worker policies.

Britain’s Communists view the Brexit vote as a popular and democratic expression of the sovereignty of the peoples of Britain and a rejection of EU capitalist dictatorship.

We also acknowledge that a significant element of the Brexit vote was anti-immigrant and xenophobic in nature, feelings that have grown in strength across the entire European Union area as a result of its anti-worker policies. Case in point the racist and fascist-oriented political parties that have grown throughout the EU, while the traditional pro-EU Establishment parties have collapsed.

On the contrary, since the Vote to Leave the EU we have seen the collapse of far-right political forces in Britain.

The recent political regrouping of these forces has been a direct consequence of the Establishment parties’ meddling with the Brexit vote, whether that means Brexit in name only, semi-Brexit, Customs Union or second referendum.

Far from being a racist or xenophobic position, opposition to the EU is and has been the position of working people and our sister Communist Youth Organisations in Europe for many years, who have seen the EU for what it really is, an unreformable and reactionary institution from top to bottom.

The 2016 referendum also reflected divisions in Britain’s ruling class and in the Conservative Party and other parties which represent them. On one hand, the majority are pro-EU, on the other, some are Eurosceptic due to some of the challenges that capitalist forces in the European Union present to the British capitalist class.

We call for a People’s Brexit and a complete break with the European Union and the Single Market.

This would not only return popular sovereignty and democracy to the people of Britain to decide who represents them in Government, but would also allow progressive and left-wing and even socialist policies to be implemented in Britain, from public ownership of industries and utilities, to state aid and regional investment to create jobs in the poorest parts of the country.

Policies which are impossible in the big business European Union.

Join the fight for a People’s Brexit!

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Ed. June 2020