The Executive Committee of the YCL has issued a statement to address allegations made on social media relating to a disciplinary decision in our London District.

The Executive Committee of the YCL has been made aware of a small number of resignations in the YCL’s London District regarding the outcome of a disciplinary investigation and hearing conducted against a member of the London District.

It is of course very disappointing to us that these comrades have felt it necessary to resign from the YCL, but we feel it is important to clarify the situation and refute the highly inflammatory, unfair and categorically untrue allegations they have decided to level against the YCL.

We understand that these allegations will be highly upsetting and concerning to our members and the wider public, but the EC is clear that there is no substance to these allegations and would ensure all concerned that we have nothing to hide.

The Disciplinary Process

The disciplinary investigation found that the member had placed his hand on the buttock of an individual, who was not a member of the YCL, without consent and then removed it when told to do so by the individual, at a social gathering which was not associated with the YCL.

The YCL EC agreed that the behaviour was highly serious and merited a disciplinary outcome on the basis that the misconduct:

The disciplinary outcome was that:

The circumstances of the disciplinary were of course distressing and difficult but the EC considers that we conducted an open and fair investigation. We consulted the London District Committee throughout the duration of the process. We consider that the decision reached was fair and proportionate in all the circumstances. There was no attempt to conceal the findings, process followed or the outcome of the hearing.

The individual affected by the misconduct did not report this incident to us and understandably did not wish to participate in the investigation or disciplinary process. We would note that it is concerning and disappointing that the details of the incident have now been circulated by the individuals who have resigned without the knowledge or consent of the young person actually affected by the misconduct.

Other allegations raised

The individuals resigning have also made a wide range of highly inflammatory and upsetting allegations against comrades of the YCL individually and collectively.

It is not possible to respond to each and every one of these claims in detail, but we would like to confirm that these claims are entirely false. It is clear from a plain reading of these allegations that they are based entirely on malicious rumours and have never been raised with the EC previously.

In terms of the allegations of misogyny and condoning of sexual assault, we categorically refute these allegations or that the YCL or the EC have ever promoted or facilitated these damaging trends deliberately or through oversight. It is clear that we dealt with this incident quickly, firmly, transparently and in accordance with our rules.

We would also like to highlight that it is deeply unfair, patronising and insulting to disparage the excellent and selfless work of our current women members. 

The EC is eager to clarify any issues and reassure any comrades who are understandably concerned by these highly upsetting and deliberately inflammatory allegations.

The YCL and the EC have nothing to hide in terms of these completely baseless allegations. 

The EC shares the upset of all comrades that these extremely serious and untrue claims have been levelled against our organisation for apparent political purposes.

For our part, our focus is continuing the exciting growth of our organisation. 

The YCL is an organisation that all young communists can and should be proud to call theirs.

Yours in comradeship

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

28 January 2021
London, Britain