Resolution of the Communist Youth against the new anti-communist escalation of the European Union

We, the Communist Youth Organizations that are in Athens, in order to participate in the 45th KNE-Odigitis Festival, condemn the repugnant anti-communist common resolution of the European Parliament, which is being signed by the political groups of the People’s Party, the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, the Greens and the European Conservatives and Reformists.

The common resolution of the European Parliament is unacceptable and unhistorical, since:

  • It promotes the legalization of the prohibition of the Communist Parties and the communist symbols that has already been imposed in several member-states of the EU.
  • It promotes the generalization of the criminalization and prosecutions of communists and their ideology, aiming at halting the popular struggles.
  • It promotes the identification of communism with fascism, acquitting that way the fascists and their action.
  • It even distorts History in such level characterizing the Soviet Union and Red Army, which had more than 20 million casualties in the struggle to crush Nazism, “as an ally and collaborator of the Nazi Germany”.

We, the Communist Youth Organizations signing this statement say clearly that:

  • The future cannot be banned! The future of the youth is Socialism!
  • No matter how many resolutions and decisions the European Union passes, we are determined to bring their nightmares to life.
  • Anti-communism and the falsification of History will not pass! The historical truth will crush their lies and provocations.

Signed by:


  1. Communist Youth of Albania “Kemal Stafa”
  2. Communist Youth of Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism – JC PADS
  3. Communist Youth of Austria – KJO
  4. Bangladesh Youth Union – BYU
  5. Communist Youth of Belgium
  6. Young Communist League of Britain – YCL Britain
  7. Young Socialists of Socialist Workers’ Party
  8. United Democratic Youth Organisation – EDON
  9. Communist Youth Union – KSM
  10. Communist Youth of the Communist Workers’ Party of Finland
  11. Socialist German Workers’ Youth – SDAJ
  12. Communist Youth of Greece – KNE
  13. Youth of Hungarian Workers’ Party
  14. Workers’ Party Youth, Ireland – WPY
  15. Young Communist League of Israel – YCL Israel
  16. Front of Communist Youth – FGC
  17. Jordanian Democratic Youth Union – UJDY
  18. Youth of Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  19. Federation of Young Communists – FJC
  20. Youth Federation of Nepal – YF Nepal
  21. All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union – ANNISU
  22. Communist Youth of Pakistan – CY Pakistan
  23. Youth of Palestinian People’s Party
  24. Portuguese Communist Youth – JCP
  25. Union of Socialist Youth – UTS
  26. Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks) – RKSM(b)
  27. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation – LKSM RF
  28. Young Communist League of Yugoslavia – SKOJ
  29. Progressive Union of Youth and Students – PYL
  30. Collectives of Young Communists – CJC
  31. Communist Youth Union of Spain – UJCE
  32. Socialist Students Union – SSU
  33. Socialist Youth Union – SYU
  34. Syrian Communist Youth Union- Khaled Bakdash – SCYU-KB
  35. Communist Youth of Turkey – TKG
  36. Communist Youth of Venezuela – JCV


Organisations that could not attend the 45th Festival KNE-Odigitis have also declared their support

  1. Communist Youth of Bolivia 
  2. Young Communist League of Canada- YCL Canada
  3. Union of Communist Youth, France- UJC
  4. Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth- ULDY
  5. Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands- CJB
  6. Palestinian Communist Youth
  7. Youth of Communist Party of Poland
  8. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine- LKSM U
  9. League of Young Communists USA- LYC USA

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