The YCL Executive Committee has released the following statement to mark the close of Pride Month 2019.

LGBTAs Pride Month 2019 draws to a close, it is timely to reflect on the brave struggles and victories of the LGBT community in Britain and globally. We salute those, including YCL and Communist Party members, who joined Pride demonstrations and events across the country in June. However the struggle for liberation and equality for the LGBT community in 2019 remains an incomplete one.

While significant gains have been made in recent decades, the LGBT community in Britain continues to face deep and pervasive discrimination across the social, political and economic spheres. Marginalisation, harassment and violence remain a constant feature of the lives of the LGBT community. Internationally persecution and murder are the reality faced by the LGBT community in many countries.

Under capitalism discrimination and prejudice are tools of the ruling class to divide and distract working people. Oppression and capitalism are inseparable and intrinsically linked. True LGBT equality and liberation have been and will always be impossible under capitalism.

But capitalism, in pursuit of its own survival and maximising profit, can be pragmatic and adaptable. Hence we have seen the rise of so called ‘rainbow capitalism’, the co-option and accommodation of certain elements of the LGBT community where it is economically useful to do so. Massive banks and companies – who a decade ago would have nothing to do with the struggle for LGBT liberation – are now the main sponsors of LGBT marches and happily drape themselves in the rainbow flag. Sponsorship by the ruling class and this opportunistic and selective approach to the struggle can never deliver real and meaningful equality for the LGBT community.

The YCL opposes anti-LGBT discrimination in all its forms. Hatred against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people must be combatted wherever it is found. We call for:

Anti-LGBT discrimination and violence remain a bitter stain on our society. An end to discrimination, in all its forms, goes hand in hand with the struggle for socialism – a truly humane, democratic and inclusive society.

Working people have been and must continue to be at the forefront of the struggle for LGBT liberation.

No to discrimination!

Yes to LGBT rights!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

30 June 2019
London, Britain