Independence or Division?

The Communist Party and the YCL do not advocate separation, because it would fracture working class and progressive unity in the face of a largely united ruling capitalist class.  It might also cause substantial economic dislocation as big business use threats and promises on jobs and investment to exert pressure on Scottish, Welsh and English governments to outbid each other in ‘business-friendly’ and ‘pro-market’ policies.  Moreover, ‘independence’ would prove illusory in nations whose economy is still dominated by the capitalist monopolies and the anti-democratic, imperialist European Union (EU).

Of course, should the peoples of Scotland or Wales express a preference to secede from the United Kingdom, their wishes must be respected and negotiations take place to ensure that separation takes place on an amicable basis.  For communists, the question of separation for Scotland and Wales is one of revolutionary strategy for united working class struggle against the British ruling class, not of supporting or opposing the union of the three nations of Britain in principle.”

From the YCL programme Britain’s Road to Socialism

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Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths and International Secretary Professor John Foster on the national question in Scotland and Wales