Capitalism uses and perpetuates oppression based on prejudices around birthplace, gender, race, religion, sex and other issues. They apply across all classes in capitalist society, although the impact is strongest on the exploited working people.

Unity is strength. Unity is a must for the working class to defeat our capitalist exploiters and achieve our common aims for peace, progress and social justice.

In a socialist society where the needs of people such as education, goods, housing, jobs and public services are met, where there are no capitalist property relations and exploited labour, there will be no reason for these prejudices, nor the ability for any group in society to super-exploit another group using them.

The experiences of socialism show that prejudices and discrimination are social conditions that survive the abolition of capitalism, but are weakened and can be eliminated in the process of building a socialist and Communist society.

The League has a longstanding commitment to LGBT rights and members active in the LGBT community. Our former general secretary, Mark Ashton, was the protagonist in the 2014 film Pride where he united lesbians and gays with miners on strike in 1984.

The League is also an organisation for young women and affiliate to the National Assembly of Women. The oppression of women has always been useful for the capitalist class, from super-profits through low pay, for example to dividing the working class and progressive movement. Furthermore, women are always at the end of imperialist violence perpetrated by the United Kingdom, United States and others abroad.

Women hold up half the sky. Mao Zedong.